Hi again

I have been really busy past years, months, days, hours..
Working full time and being a new mom it makes it really hard to work on my personal projects.
Lately, I tried to overcome this stagnation somehow but without any results.
I really don’t know how other working mothers can keep it all together..I am extremely curious about that.
No matter what I still make sketches so I am going to post down lower some really quick sketches or studies.


Japanese children books -Inspiration

This days I keep my inspiration strictly from illustrated children books .Now I am in Japan and I am working on my own illustrated book .today,while I was taking a walk I remembered about this really nice library close to my home. I found an amazing amount of children books a real treasure for my inspiration and for my studies.Here are some images from one of the book I found..

Chromatrips challenge WIP

The challenge for the next two weeks is: Choose a photo from http://vivianmaier.blogspot.com/ and make an illustration using it as a reference. Then send the image to chromatictrips@gmail.com along with the photo you started from, work’s title, technique, your name and personal details (email, website)
deadline: 18 January

and the final image