Update-My father is Santa Claus!

I didn’t had time to update my Journal.But now I am in Romania for one month or two and I have some time to update my blog.Here is my Christmas journal entry..Kinda’ late ……I know!!

This one is about my father.


The Japan Journal -6th December Saint Nicholas

So today is Saint Nicholas and I am far away from home. I guess this is one of the biggest disadvantages when you are far away from home but it’s okay I am prepared to celebrate in my own way Saint Nicholas.

In Romania we have two Santas: Santa Claus known by everyone and Saint Nicholas who brings sweets and presents to  the good kids. If you are bad you’ll receive a stick. I  always received only sweets …hihih thank you Saint Nicholas!

On the 6th of December we celebrate St. Nicholas by sharing gifts to children, to the poor and to the faithful but the Romanian traditions are a little bit different: everyone has to prepare their boots and put it at the entrance door, so Santa Nicholas will come and drop the sweets in their boots. Or, maybe if you have been bad you’ll receive the bad stick.