Hi again

I have been really busy past years, months, days, hours..
Working full time and being a new mom it makes it really hard to work on my personal projects.
Lately, I tried to overcome this stagnation somehow but without any results.
I really don’t know how other working mothers can keep it all together..I am extremely curious about that.
No matter what I still make sketches so I am going to post down lower some really quick sketches or studies.


Sketchbook scans

scans of my sketchbook.(I don’t use Moleskine – I find it too expenseve for my pocket, instead I use some cheap sketchbook from Sekaido store  )

I usually sketch a lot and some of my favorite doodles are made while I’m watching a movie or animation.I think is the best way to learn more about composition, light and expression.

Here are some sketches made while I was watching Steamboy, it took me a lot of time to watch the movie .

These are some sketches that I made in a Park in Japan-Minami Kashiwa city.It’s a big park  and at sunset is the most beautiful light I ever seen.I hope I can reproduce that light in some of my artworks.