PROFILE / プロフィール

My name is Elena, I’m a Romanian illustrator  and graphic artist living in Bucharest,Romania and in Chiba,Japan.

I split my time between this tow countries since my dream is to work and travel in Japan. Currently I live in Chiba (Japan) where I  try to have a decent living making art and looking for a decent job in games field.

I graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2008 with a Bachelor of  Decorative arts and Design. I do mostly editorial illustration,brand identity, and 2d/3d graphic art for games.I worked at a video game company ( Ubisoft )  in Bucharest,Romania as a marketing artist and as a graphic artist while freelancing and working on my own projects during  my free time.
I love: art,music,dance, artbooks,Totoro

I’m always open to commissions and freelance work.

。私は アーティスト 、音楽とダンスとトトロが好きです。

1986年ブカレスト在住 主に物を作ったり絵を描く仕事.





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