Hi again

I have been really busy past years, months, days, hours..
Working full time and being a new mom it makes it really hard to work on my personal projects.
Lately, I tried to overcome this stagnation somehow but without any results.
I really don’t know how other working mothers can keep it all together..I am extremely curious about that.
No matter what I still make sketches so I am going to post down lower some really quick sketches or studies.


Brutus Casa Japanese magazine


This month’s magazine feature is amaziiingggg!! It features the Gaudi pilgrimage with Takehiko Inoue. Mr Inoue is one of my favorite artists and an amazing mangaka. The magazine includes and a small scketchbook with some notes and sketches belonging to the mangaka.



After i will be able to read and translate the magazine i will update this post.


So 2013 was a full year for me with lots of events. I moved to Japan last year and this year i got married and now I have a cuuute baby.I have lots of stuff to talk about and to show you guys how much I have worked to improve my skills as a CG artist .